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Our team at Fargo Law Office is composed of compassionate, professional lawyers; including talented family lawyers. Our expertise spans the full range of family law in order to help our clients through any difficulty or issue. We can assist with drafting prenuptial agreements before marriage and protect your financial interests, advise on grounds for divorce or civil partnership when needed and create an agreement, draft separation agreements to divide assets fairly between parties after a divorce and more besides. Whether you need assistance involving children, we can provide services such as negotiating access arrangements and creating contact orders that will hopefully meet the needs of all interested parties involved; or if necessary property division is ever contested, we recommend seeking legal advice beforehand to establish your rights. Our team is here to help in any way we can. Take the first step to a favorable resolution. Call Fargo Law Office for a free consultation. 

Looking for a lawyer to take charge of your case and fight for your best interest?

We’re the lawyers you want on your team. We hustle to make sure our clients are consistently in the loop, no detail is overlooked, all potential avenues are evaluated, and your rights are tirelessly defended. We’ll do our best to keep you out of court, but if we can’t, you can count on us to fight. In short, we work our butts off to make sure you get the outcome you were hoping for.

Don’t Let A Family Issue Get Ugly


Divorce, Separation, Support & Alimony

If you need a divorce or separation we can help ensure your property division and support are fair and just. When it comes to divorce, you’re already vulnerable. Let us take the weight off your shoulders with information and guidance. We promise to be an advocate for fairness in all aspects of your legal process, and will help ensure that your property division and support are fair and just.



Adopting a child should be a magical time in your life. Let us take the stress of the legal process out of the equation for you so you can focus on the mom and dad stuff. Planning and managing each step as a legal expert, our lawyers guide you every step of the way through your journey. From securing parental rights to tracking down birth parents, we handle it all for you so you can be free to enjoy this significant period in your life. Join us on this exciting adventure!


Guardianships & Guardian Ad Litem

Whether it’s for the appointment of a guardian ad litem for children, or a guardianship for an elderly loved one, our lawyers can help ensure that your loved ones have advocates looking out for them. When you work with our law firm, you receive skilled representation that gets everything done right from start to finish so you and your loved ones know both peace of mind and security. 


Mediation Services

We offer mediation services so that if you want a peaceful resolution you can reach the most amicable agreements possible. At Fargo Law Office, we want to get you the best possible result. That’s why we offer comprehensive mediation services that facilitate peaceful conclusions. We don’t just listen – we find answers too! All of our attorneys have experience in negotiating and mediating disputes, and they won’t let you go without a good fight!

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Child Custody, Support & Visitation

We keep the best interests of your family in mind and fight for what’s best for your children. This can include issues related not just to child custody but also parenting, paternity, grandparent visitation and third-party custody. Our family lawyers are well versed in the juvenile court system and often work with child matters involving child protective services, an area many lawyers won’t go near.

Family Matters

Let us help you navigate domestic contracts including: prenuptial agreements and postnuptial agreements, gestational carrier agreements, and stipulated divorce and custody agreements. Do you need help navigating domestic contracts? When it comes to planning for all of these possible arrangements with a partner — or even in the case of a break-up — we can be your guide.

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Meet Kathryn Foster

Kathryn focuses the majority of her practice on domestic matters, however, she has extensive experience in the criminal arena as well. Kathryn’s clients often describe her as “straightforward, loyal and aggressive.” Kathryn is a wife, mother and a native of South Fargo, North Dakota.

Experience: 10 Years

Address: Fargo, ND

Although each member of our team has a unique practice area and approach, we work together. That means you’ll have an entire team working for your best potential outcome.

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Why Choose Fargo Law Office

Let us be the support you can count on during this difficult time. Our law firm places your needs first and we want to give you a favorable outcome for your case. We have a deep understanding of how this system works and can help guide you through every step that way. We know when it’s time to draw a line in the sand and go to court to fight hard for what is rightfully yours.

  • EWe work our butts off.
  • EWe are aggressive with your case.
  • EWe are experienced.


My case involved 13 years of marriage, children, property, fraud and slander. Through the process, Ashley took the time to get to know me and what was important to me. She advocated for me and advised me well beyond what might be generally required of her role. While my divorce is “settled”, Ashley continues to be supportive. I would recommend her to anyone needing legal counsel for family law issues.

Wes T.

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